Care & Maintenance

Properly maintaining your new hose will ensure its longevity and optimize its performance. Superior Fire Hose highly recommends you follow the latest edition of NFPA 1962 – the standard for the care, use, inspection, service testing and replacement of your hose.

Remember to Always:

  • Drain the hose thoroughly and dry before storage.
  • Coil the hose with the male coupling on the inside (protects the threads).
  • Load the hose by laying it flat in alternating layers and remove it from the hose bed every six months for inspection.
  • Follow NFPA 1962 for annual service testing.

Remember to Never:

  • Drive over hose – always use a bridge to protect it.
  • Drag the hose on its fold/edge or lay hose on its edge in the bed.
  • Store hose in direct sunlight or in a cardboard box.