Heavy Duty Super Flow Hose

600 PSI Test Pressure
300 PSI Service Pressure

A lightweight flexible fire hose designed for high volume supply. The optimized design results in minimum friction loss. This third generation product are built from specially formulated synthetic nitrile rubber to produce excellent resistance to fuels, chemicals, oils, heat, cold and environmental pollutants. It is impervious to molds, mildew and other airborne organisms. Superior Super Flow supply hose is specifically designed to be maintenance free so it can just be wiped down and returned to service. Hose is available in Red and Yellow.

Superior Super Flow is designed to pack flat. Its unique design means more hose can be packed into the bed of a standard fire truck, up to 200 feet more. Super Flow is designed to lay dead straight at the full working pressure. This takes away another worry at the fire scene.

So, if you need to go with the flow… with a minimum hassle, specify Superior Super Flow – no exceptions.

Hose Size
Stock Number
Available Colors
Bowl Size
Weight 100′
Length Uncoupled
Red or Yellow
Red or Yellow
Red or Yellow
Red or Yellow
Red or Yellow
Red or Yellow
Red or Yellow

*Please make special note: 4″ is 500 PSI Test Pressure and 5″ is 400 PSI Test Pressure


Superior Super Flow Fire Hose Specifications

These specifications apply to 1 1/2″, 1 3/4″, 2″ and 2 1/2″. The hose produced under these specifications shall conform to the NFPA 1962 Standards during the entire production and assembly process of manufacture. Upon delivery, the hose shall be guaranteed for a period of ten (10) years against defects in material and workmanship. Defective hose will be replaced free of charge.

Hose Physical Properties:
Hose shall be evaluated in accordance with the principles and practices listed in NFPA Standard 1961 (1997 edition) and related standards. When tested as such it shall have the following properties.

Ultimate Tensile Strength:
Tensile elongation of the vulcanized rubber compound used in the hose shall not be less than 1750 psig.

Permanent Elongation:
Permanent elongation of the vulcanized rubber compound shall be less than 24%.

The adhesion between samples of the reinforcement web and either the liner or the cover shall exceed NFPA 1961 requirements. The sample width shall be 1-1/2″ as called out in the standard.

Accelerated Aging Properties:
When subjected to hot air over aging at 158 degrees F for 96 hours, the tensile strength an ultimate elongation shall be at least 75% of the original values.

Heat Resistance:
When subjected to an internal static water pressure of 100 psi, the hose shall withstand a surface temperature of 1200 degrees F for at least 60 seconds without burning.

Cold Resistance:
Hose shall be capable of practical use down to -35 degrees F.

Ozone Resistance:
When evaluated in accordance with standards ASTMD518, procedure B, 70 hours at 118 degrees F, 100 pphm of ozone, the cover or liner shall show no visible signs of cracking.

Chemical Resistance:
Contamination by most chemical substances, oils, greases, hydrocarbons, and exposure to seawater shall have no effect on the short or long-term performance of the hose. The manufacturer shall provide a copy of the chemical resistance chart for the hose on request.

Abrasion and Wear Resistance:
Long-term use is determined in no small measure by the abrasion resistance of the cover of the hose. To ensure this is adequate, the hose, when built to the weights listed, shall withstand the following abrasion tests:

Factory Mutual Method:
Hose shall exceed the Factory Mutual Research Corporation test for abrasion. This is listed in their Standard 2111
dated May 1995, section 5.8.

Underwriters Laboratories Method:
When tested according to the method listed in Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Standard 219, Hose shall
withstand 7,000 cycles on the defined reciprocating abrasion tester.

Taber Abraser Method:
When evaluated against the procedure listed in ASTM D2215 Reinforcement shall not show signs of damage after
15,000 cycles. Load shall be 2.2 lbs. Per wheel and type shall be H22.

Water Absorption:
When tested against the procedure listed in MIL STD 24606 the maximum water absorbance shall be no more than 50 lbs. in a 50-foot length.

The hose shall be fitted with either (A): Storz type Quick connect couplings in accordance with NFPA Standard 1963, 1997 edition. Or (B): Lightweight, extruded aluminum alloy, hard coated, rocker lug couplings. These shall be expansion ring type, NH threads in accordance with NFPA 1963, 1997 edition. Or (C): as specified. The couplings shall be warranted for the life of the hose.

Each length of hose shall be indelibly marked with letters and figures at least one inch high with the following:
a) Manufacturer’s name or coded designation
b) Trade name or hose designation
c) Month or quarter and year of manufacture.
d) The words “Service Test to ______ PSI.”

Additional markings may be added based on specific requests.