Superior Fire Hose Corporation warrants its hose to be free of all defects in material and/or workmanship for a period of up to ten (10) years from the date of purchase.

This warranty is subject to the following:

  1. Superior Fire Hose shall be used only for the sole purpose for which it is manufactured.
  2. Superior Fire Hose shall be protected from undue exposure to heat, light, chemicals, moisture and abrasion.
  3. Superior Fire Hose shall only be returned with authorization. Quality inspections and examination will determine warranty claim.
  4. Proper records of annual in service testing should be available for inspection.
  5. Superior Fire Hose will not be help liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the installation or use of hose product.
  6. Buyer shall give notice of any claim under this warranty; further use of hose product will be at owner’s risk.

*Any Superior Fire Hose found to be defective due to materials and / or workmanship shall be replaced at no charge.