Single Jacket Mill Hose

250 PSI Test Pressure
125 PSI Service Pressure

For industrial and construction locations where medium water pressure is used
Staple polyester yarns yield better abrasion resistance than the imported hose
Available in lengths of 50, 75 and 100 feet


These specifications apply to 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″ 3″ and 4″ size 250 pound test single jacket 100% mildew proof
rubber-lined mill hose.

Test Facilities:
Under these specifications, the manufacture of the hose shall have all necessary test facilities to perform all the required performance tests. The method of testing shall be in accordance with the specific test requirements.

Jacket Construction:
The jacket shall be evenly and firmly woven and free from visible defects, thread knots, lumps and irregularities of twist.
The threads shall be continuous. The warp will consist of high strength staple polyester yarns. The weft or filler polyester yarn will be high strength, low elongation filament polyester.

The rubber liner shall EPDM and a single ply extrusion. The liner shall be free of imperfections. Urethane liners are not acceptable.

The adhesion between the lining and the woven jacket shall be such that the rate of separation of a
1 1/2 inch strip of the lining from the jacket shall not be greater that 1 inch per minute when a weight of 12 pounds is applied.

Liner Elongation:
Under prescribed test procedures, the ultimate elongation, when a break occurs, shall not be less than 400%.

The internal diameter of the unpressurized hose shall not be less than the trade size of the hose.

When under a hydrostatic pressure of 10 PSI, each hose length shall measure not less than 50 feet when measured from the back of the coupling at one end of the hose length to the back of the coupling at the end of the other hose length.

The hose under hydrostatic pressure testing shall not twist more than 12.5 degrees per foot for the
2 1/2 inch and 3 inch sizes. The amount of twist for the 1 1/2 inch, and 2 inch sizes shall not exceed 29 degrees per foot. All these must be to the right. No twist to the left is permitted.

Under the hydrostatic test, no rise if allowed.

A straight line shall be drawn from the center of the male coupling to the center of the female coupling at the other end
of the hose assembly. The hose shall not warp more than 10 inches from either side of the straight line.

When under hydrostatic pressure testing, the elongation of the hose shall not exceed 8%.

A three foot length of hose lying straight from each lot of 5,000 feet shall withstand a hydrostatic pressure of 375 PSI
without rupturing the hose or breaking of any thread in the jacket or reinforcement.

Kink Test:
A three foot length of hose, while kinked, shall withstand a hydrostatic pressure of 250 PSI without leakage, rupturing or breaking of any thread in the jacket or reinforcement.

Coupling Retention Test:
Couplings of lightweight aluminum will be installed. Hose assemblies shall withstand a hydrostatic proof-pressure of 250 PSI for 10 minutes without slippage or leakage of the couplings or damage to the hose at the coupling.